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How Can Life Coaching Help You?

Life Coaches are usually people with a passion for learning and sharing life-skills, and for helping other people achieve their full potential.

Therefore they can help you manage your life, and your life’s challenges, very much like one would manage a business; however taking into account emotions, human weakness and potential, and the complex dynamics of human relationships.

A Life Coach helps you make changes in your life, by giving you structure and

holding you accountable. You may wish to make a change in your life, but don’t know how or where to start. Or you may simply need someone to push you to take action and keep you on track. That is the Life Coach’s job.

On the other hand, a Life Strategist is a life coach who helps you make choices and set your life-vision. A life strategist’s job is to ensure you create a balanced vision, and a solid road map to achieve it. For example, he or she may help you

find your life purpose, and then to devise an action plan of how to move from your current occupation to your life passion.

Life Coaches and Strategists are not limited by the client’s self-bias and perceived limitations, and therefore challenge the client to set higher goals and visions. They usually have gone through similar experiences themselves and learned structures and life-skills that can be applied to various life situations.

Logo Seed of Life. Life Balance. Peace. Life Coach


Logo Seed of Life. Life Balance. Peace. Life Coach


What’s Different in My Coaching?


One of the main things I am able to offer to my clients, is a rich set of tools. These tools came from my passion for research and to exhaust all options.

My way of coping with problems was by applying myself – learning new solutions, and applying them diligently.

It gave me hope, kept me positive, and of course, busy. In the process I built a set of tools that actually work. I very rarely advice a tool or method to a client, which I have not at least tested myself.


Like everyone else, at the start of my independent life, I used the obvious and traditional ways to deal with life challenges. But they never worked, and rarely helped. So I started some serious research. I just new there was a different way. I knew there was more.

I read incessantly and all types of books from all backgrounds and spheres of life. After trying and testing a few methods for different life challenges, I started to see a pattern. The methods that work, are not the conventional and obvious but neither the fanciful or weird, but those that at first may appear paradoxical, but when thought through, make perfect sense.


I have lived my life against the grain; I have chosen options that at the time were, or still are, considered unthinkable; and, each time, I knew they were the right ones for me. People raised their eyebrows and probably thought I’m crazy. But I just saw that human beings, limit their choices at every step of the way. Now, some of the same people tell me they wished they had

my guts, or that they had also seen those life options. The reality is just that I question, the “should’s ” and “musts” in life.


Extroverted-introverts prefer a book than useless chit-chat

What led me to learn, and do all this is known as Trauma-response.

I did not have an easy start in life. There was not much opportunity for me to develop my identity, or my self-esteem. In the process of learning how to heal all this, I learned what was missing in my childhood, and what made me different.

And that of course led me to want to help people like me, and take some professional courses in the area.

Backed by my knowledge, strengths, and varied life experiences, I will help you reach your goals through sometimes unexpected yet simple methods, and the application of a wide variety of tools.

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Are You Ready for an Exciting Life?

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Have you tried to lose weight repeatedly, but failed or gained it all back? Do you feel that you are addicted to food?

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Do you dream of leaving your 9 to 5 job, and follow your dreams? Are you looking for your life purpose or wish to become financially independent?

What does abundance mean for you?

What would you like, to have abundantly of? Money? Time? Love? Adventures?

Have you tried to apply the Law of Attraction (LOA), but failed, or it failed, with the things, you wanted most?

Many people think they know how the LOA works,  just because they read the book, or watched the video “The Secret” once, a while ago. There is nothing wrong with “The Secret”. But unless you listen well, and go deeper, you will think, that all you need to do, is visualise what you want, and it will be magically be attracted to your life. Read more.

Are you a high achieving woman but have found it hard to attract true love in your life?

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Do you suffer from low self-esteem, and life in general is just not OK?

How self-esteem look like

I have had the blessing of helping clients with all of the above, and more.

If you have any questions for me feel free to send a message here, or read more about my Personal and F.I.R.E. Coaching.

Wishing you an amazing life


Logo Seed of Life. Life Balance. Peace. Life Coach