How to Easily Spot Fake Profiles on Tinder

Many girls and women complain about fake profiles on Tinder and other dating apps. They match with what sounds like a nice man, and after some chatting and sweet talk, they are asked for money, or start to feel that something is off. It could also be that they start to feel, that they are being led on, because after a lot of chatting nothing happens.

Some cases are obvious, other less so; and some women are honestly surprised and disappointed.

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The below are some signs the profile could be fake. These are early flags which will help you to not get involved or led on.

In rare occasions it could be legit. But if the profile ticks 2 or more of the below, then very likely, it is not.

This post is mostly directled at females looking for males on Tinder. Some things might apply for males as well, but they have not been tested.
  1. If the distance is over 1700km, even when you had set the distance at much less. Of course there are times Tinder shows you people who have extended their search range, and could be a match; even if they do not fall within yours. But if he is a looker, and has that on – well lookers usually do not have to try that hard, do they?
    As I said above, the more of these, a profile ticks, the more likely it’s spam.
  2. The distance goes from a few kilometres when you match, to over 2000km after matching. It could be that the person was on holiday in your country, and now returned to their own country. But it could also be a a fake profile, who keeps changing the IP address to fish in different countries.
  3. Once you start chatting he tells you very early in the chat, that he works in the military or in the marines. Usually he tells you this without you having to ask. Of course, there are people who truly work in the the military or the marines; but just keep an eye open for more of these leads. I once got someone saying they are working on a submarine, AND therefore was more convenient for him to communicate by email 😀 😀 😀 .
  4. The pictures are too good to be true. Sometimes they include a kid or kids. and/or dogs on purpose. usually there is only one picture; sometimes two.
  5. Some people say if he immediately wants to move to WhatsApp, it’s a red flag. I had the opposite experience, if they want to move to WhatsApp or Facebook, it is usually a good sign that they are it is not a fake profile; not that they are good dating material though 🙂 🙂 . However there have been many cases when a man asks to move to WhatsApp, saying he works in the army or the military and then later ask for money. So still watch out. 
    If he does ask to move to WhatsApp you can search the mobile number on Google and or Facebook.
  6. For me the red flag is when they want to move to email. You usually get a story to justify this, like how their working conditions and/or shifts does not allow them to message, and therefore email is more convenient. Translation – “don’t be alarmed if I disappear for my 2 days off, before I continue to lead you on.
  7. The first message, the very first, is unexpectedly long, telling you he is a widower and/or what he does for a living, and that he is looking for long term relationship. see a sample below.
  8. Another possibility is when the age is obviously wrong, like the guy looks 40, but the age shows 60. This is usually a sign that the creator of the profile did not register with his facebook account, or registered with a fake facebook account, and therefore maybe fake, This is not always the case however. The user may have had other reasons to not register on Tinder with their facebook account, or may have made a mistake in putting in his details.
  9. Finally it is ok to protect yourself and ask for proof. Lately I was chatting with someone who had a reasonable excuse for not having a Facebook account. Or was it simply an excuse? So I asked for a video of him using my name. I got a video with my name typed on it. That was a sure sign that whoever was behind the profile was not doing his utmost to proof he is real. You could always ask for a video call, but I did not want that myself.

Hope this helps. Would love to hear your experiences or other red flags you use, in the comments section below.

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