Is He or She Toxic?

Unfortunately toxic people are more common than we think.

Also, contrary to common believe sometimes even good people can become toxic for us, for a variety of reasons.

Of course, it might be, that some of us tend to gravitate towards these type of people due to our childhood. This is an insightful video by Teal Swan, on why we keep attracting the same type of person.

If you looked this test up, or have clicked on a link that led you here, either you are usually attracted to toxic partners, and want to make sure you are not doing the same mistake; or you feel that something is off, and you want to confirm if its just your fears or otherwise.

For a newbie this test, I hope, will be helpful and enlightening.

For others, who have had previous experiences with toxic people, I am so sorry you had to go through that, and that you are fearing its happening again. But if it’s really what you fear, I hope you feel empowered in knowing, that this time you became aware of it earlier on in the relationship.

It means you have become more attuned to what you want and don’t want in your life.

I also hope you will find the courage to leave. If not now, in the near future, as more facts continue to confirm what this test will undoubtedly show you.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

However, my biggest hope is, that this test will give you another gift. That of starting to trust your intuition.

If you came here because you felt that something was missing, or just not right, I can already tell you that it probably is.

I hope that after this test you start trusting your gut feeling more.

Don’t worry if you sometimes doubt it. We all do. We start wondering whether its our over-thinking mind, or our past hurts and fears that are talking. But the more you listen to your intuition, the stronger it gets; and the more you start to learn how intuition feels different from fear.

You can download the free test below. This list comes from a life long study in the area, my own life-experience, and corroborated by the experiences of my clients.

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