Daily Gratitude Exercise

Practicing gratitude, is like exercising a muscle – the more you practice it, the more you find things, to be grateful for.

Practicing gratitude on a regular basis helps to improve our self-image, boost our happiness, and our health.

Below you can download a worksheet I use with my clients, to help them find more things to appreciate, in their life.

If you believe in the law of attraction and want to use this exercise to boost your manifestation power, you can use this worksheet instead.

The human mind tends to concentrate more, and for longer, on the negative things that happen to us. With practice, this exercise helps to flip that around; increasing our attention to the good stuff, and the things we manage to achieve.

Get in the habit of doing this exercise daily, and see how your world changes. I like to do it in the morning, after my meditation.

For those who believe in the Law of Attraction, it is obvious, a great exercise to raise your vibration.

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