What if I have a complaint?

If at any time, you feel, that the service you are receiving, is inadequate, or have any other complaint, please bring it to my attention as soon as possible.
I will take all necessary steps to address the situation.
Because of the nature of the service, the complaint may be due to a lack of understanding of Coaching services, and /or due to resistance to change. We will discuss this together.
If following the discussion, you still feel that the Service is not satisfactory, you can cancel any upcoming session, and be refunded. Please note that a minimum of  24-hour notice is required for cancelling sessions. Refunds will only be given for future appointments and if the above procedure was followed.
If the client had both a set of sessions, at a special price, the discount for past sessions will be reduced from the refund, and/or will be due by the client to the Coach.

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