Lose Weight Naturally

You are probably here because after following all the diet advice, you read or was given, you still have not managed to lose weight permanently. Either it was too hard to stick to it, or you actually did stick to it, but then gained all the weight back.

Look around you. You are not alone. How many people do you know that lost weight through a diet and kept it off?

Not many for sure!!

Do you think that so many fail at losing weight because they all lack strong will?

Are you tired of the control food, and thoughts of food have on you? Do you think dieting will help that?

Do you tell yourself “This time it will be different I will stick to the diet because I have this wedding/for summer/for my partner”? Has that worked in the past?

What will you do once you have reached your desired weight? Will you “be careful” for the rest of your life?

You can re-establish a healthy relationship with food. With all foods!!

Healthy Eating Habits

Mindful eating - be aware of colours, textures, different tastes.

Do you remember when food was pleasant, but simply fulfilled a biological need? Where you ever like that?

When is the last time you felt the sensation of hunger (to be distinguished from appetite)?

Do you taste the food you eat? Do you really enjoy it?

Can you imagine feeling comfortable about and around food? Eating exactly what your body needs, stopping when you are full, and having no guilty feelings about it?

Exercising a muscle set does not mean you are using the fat cels just next to it

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Most diet advice we hear, makes us lose contact with all the above, and instead control, measure and follow external guidelines.

Imagine all the energy you would release, if you did not have to micro-manage meals, weigh food, or make up, for yesterday’s “sins”. How much lighter your days would be, if you could get rid of the guilt, for every time you break the diet.

You will once again feel in control around food, be able to enjoy your food more and without guilt. You will rarely if ever overindulge. You will not need to worry about, what happens after you complete the diet. This method ensures you set new and healthy eating habits – this is where most diet advice fails.

Contact me to learn how you can transform your relationship with food, and reach your body’s set point, naturally and without dieting.


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