Financial independency is getting a new definition. Financial independence used to refer to being able to sustain yourself without assistance or support from a spouse or a parent.

But financial independence is now taking on a new and bigger meaning, referring to being independent from putting in fixed hours of work to produce revenue or a salary.

How you would ask?

Well lets start from asking what would signify financial freedom for you?

  • Would it be no longer worrying about how to pay your monthly bills, and/or an unexpected health or home repair costs?
  • Being able to afford healthy food, eating out in expensive restaurants, and shopping without looking at price tags?
  • No longer penny pinching?

Or would it mean:

  • No longer setting an alarm?
  • Deciding when to take a day off without having to ask for permission?
  • Choosing when or who to work with?
  • Stopping what you are doing and go for a swim just because its a beautiful day?

Maybe you would like to take it further and:

  • Travel the world whilst receiving regular income.
  • Or simply retiring earlier to enjoy time with your family and your hobbies.

If its the first list you are aiming for, this also can be done; but if you dream of the rest and have not yet done so, I recommend you look up Passive Incomes. And before you say “Yeah but you need to have cash for that” and revert to scrolling on Instagram I invite you to give yourself a minute or two to think that many, including myself, have started from nothing, and are now enjoy more free time, because they have set up some passive income stream which keeps on growing.

So this is not Financial Coaching as you may expect it. Yes, you will learn to respect money more, and maybe find out where your money is going. You might even learn a thing or two about budgeting. But this is not aimed at penny counting, getting a bigger pay-check, a more important title, or more qualifications.

This is about enriching your life -attaining freedom to actually enjoy your life, cutting your ties form narcissistic bosses and unhealthy work environments. Its about going back to the true meaning of work – doing what you love and need.

It is about spending less money on socially desirable items and experiences; and more on what you really enjoy and enriches you. It is about attracting prosperity and having more time for yourself, and the things, and the people you love. This Financial Coaching is for those who want to live a simpler and better life, and not collect stuff or money in the bank.

My Story

Profile picture of the life coach - been through it all

I used to have a high-flying career, with a 6 digit pay-check and yet I had no life. I thought it was normal. I thought it was success. I rarely looked at a price tag, or the credit card bill, before paying it, and I thought that was freedom. Instead, freedom is not needing to party hard, to make up for a hard week; freedom is not needing to wear clothes you do not like, to look powerful, and to fit in; freedom is waking up every morning and doing meaningful work.

Now I have introduced a few streams of passive income, and spend a third of what I used to. As a result, my quality of life is ten times better.


– I do what I love for a living,
– I am my own boss.
– I don’t have to work with people I don’t like, or pretend to be someone I am not.

  • I have the time to notice and enjoy a nice day, take a walk in nature in the middle of a working day, and to invest time in my hobbies.
  • When I am not working I am more relaxed and present.
  • Therefore I need fewer holidays, less, if any expensive evenings out to compensate, and less shopping to treat myself.

If you are feeling the need to change the way you are living your life, the corporate world no longer makes sense for you, or you want to learn more about me with your questions, or to set up a meeting. I do both face-to-face, and online coaching.

Any financial options and information shared during this coaching should only be considered as options to consider, and indicators of where to look for more information and professional advice, and should not be taken as professional advice. All decisions in these areas are exclusively the responsibility of the client.