Financial Independence Coaching (FI Coaching)

Financial Independence can be defined, as managing your income and your expenses, with the objective of reaching enough passive income, to not need to work for a living or to retire early. It does not necessarily mean, that you will stop all work or paid activity. Some people who have reached financial independence, travel the world. Others have either developed a hobby or a passion into a paying business. While others are actively working in and around their homes, doing meaningful work that does not feel like work.

Passive income, is any income you receive, without your daily attention or “work”. Examples of passive incomes are rent, interest or dividends, royalties, selling ebooks online, etc.

FI Coaching - Working a 9 to 5 job till retirement age is not a must. Smart choices can free you from the rat race.

Most people find it hard to imagine, they can reach financial independence. However, most people can do changes in their lives, that can get them closer to it. These would give them freedoms, which they do not currently enjoy. Many, have one or more ways, to create some passive income, and many ways to use their income smarter. Further the effects of living simpler and investing the savings are cumulative,

Financial Independence Coaching (FI Coaching) can help you see opportunities you are overlooking.


Norm-al is Not Necessarily the ONLY Way

The majority of people choose a profession that they think they can do, and that will earn them the most money. Then they spend accordingly. The career becomes a job. What everyone else is buying, becomes a “need’; and they buy many things simply to fit in, and show their “success”. If things get better, and they become more successful, they buy a second or bigger home, a more expensive car, or a boat.

Hour Glass Picture - Simple living, saving tips

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

Jim Rohn

Would it not make more sense,  to calculate how much money you need to live comfortably, plus some small luxuries; and then only work enough hours, at a job that you most enjoy, that would pay for that.

You would choose “luxuries”, that bring you true joy, and are not indoctrinated by society, or by your job. If you get really successful, and people start paying you more, you could work fewer hours, retire early, give back to society, or add some luxuries.

Is not time, more important than money or stuff??

Once you realise that working up to “retirement age” is not an undeniable truth; that you do not have to earn the maximum amount possible – you realise you have many options on how to manage your life!! Every purchase, becomes a choice between more stuff, or an experience, versus more free time.

You can decide to spread the time freed up, across your life and work fewer hours. You can decide to retire early, or work at a less stressful job, one that you enjoy more. Or you will be able to follow your life purpose and passion.


The F.I.R.E. Community

There is a whole community out there, who are no longer tied to this idea of working till retirement age. The community is known as F.I.R.E. or Financial Independence Retire Early. Some of them, are simply aiming at Financial Independence, for its own sake. To have the freedom to choose, between keeping or leaving their job, and not to be at the whim of a heartless corporate world. They want to be their own boss and have true flexibility, not the fake one, presented by the corporate world to enslave them to their devices.

Others do want to retire completely. However, following this community, you will find, that many, even if they leave their job. and travel for a while, they eventually settle for a simple life, of doing things for themselves, following their hobbies and passions. And as often happens, because they are following their passion, and not doing it for the money, they start getting paid for it. Which means, that their life becomes totally meaningful. They live in, and for their home and family, doing and getting paid for the things they love to do.

One of my first gurus in this area was Mr. Money Mustache. He embodies the live simpler and better concept perfectly and without going to extremes. He also makes money from what started as his passion, i.e. blogging about his lifestyle.


Financial Independence Coaching (FI Coaching)

How much of your life-hours are you ready to trade for money, stuff or to be like the Johnsons?

And how much stress?

Life is made of choices. But many of us reduce their options, because they accept society norms, as indisputable. Financial Independence Coaching can help you start questioning the way the western world lives and find your own path to freedom.

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