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The Real Cost of Things

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Money is simply a means of exchange. However, it sometimes can blind us, from the real value of things.

If you have a traditional job, remove money from the equation, and it will become clear, that you are in effect trading life-hours for things and experiences.

When you start calculating the price of things, in terms of life-hours, you find their TRUE COST FOR YOU.

Many people today are disputing the need for a 9 to 5 job; which very often has become a 9 to 7, or even longer, with emails coming in on our devices at all times. There are many other routes people are taking. Like taking a sabbatical; retiring early; working reduced hours; leaving a profession, to follow a passion; working online, sometimes whilst traveling, and more.

How much time can you free up, for the real things that count, if you reduced your spending?

How much less stress would you have to endure?

How much more value would you put on things if you had less?

The True Value of Things

Secondly, distinguish between market and socially created needs, and your real needs and desires. It’s hard at first, to see clearly, how many things we buy, because “it’s normal” or to fit in. Or simply because, the media says, we should all have it, or that we need it.

How much intrinsic value do you get from things? And for how long?

How many life hours is all this costing you?

Once you distinguish between your real needs and desires, and those imposed on you, you will find the true VALUE of things FOR YOU.

Then, what remains is life-hours vs the value of things for you. And I hope you will spend them wisely.

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SIMPLE Living Means BETTER Living

If you follow the above, your spending will go on things and experiences that give you real pleasure. Your released funds can go towards paying debts, current or future security, or to free up more time i.e. work fewer hours, retire earlier, or do a less stressful job, or leave your job to follow a life calling or dream.

Whichever you decide, you will start to live the life you were meant to live rather than follow the herd. You will laugh when you will remember, that once, shopping was a pass time for you.

As you become more and more aware of these choices and make changes in your life, you will realise you are automatically spending less and living better.

Living a better life also means a healthier life and therefore less medical expenses. The effects are cumulative!!

Simple living may be part of your path to financial independence, following your life passion, or simply a way of enjoying life more and making it more meaningful.

Contact me to help you see how you can invest your life-hours better, and get more out of life.

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