Mr. Fix-It

I cannot believe that in 2019, I still hear people say, that men want to fix a problem, and women just want to talk about it!!

For you that are women, reading this, let me ask you something:

  • Wouldn’t you like it, if there was someone in your life, who was so resourceful, that could resolve most of your problems?
  • Would that not release some burden?
  • Would it not feel good?
  • Would not this person be, the go-to-person, whenever you have a problem?

So why, do us, women, accept the belief; and worse, perpetuate the idea, that we do not want the guy to fix it???

What Women Want

What women want; what any human being wants, when faced with a problem, is a solution that takes into consideration the complexity of the situation….and our intelligence.

Light bulb moment

That means:

  1. You listen to the whole situation before starting to fire out solutions,
  2. Not give us the one-fits-all solution, because each situation is unique, and,
  3. While we may have missed the most obvious solution/s, and it is ok to mention them; it is safe to assume, we have already considered them, and there is a valid reason why they do not apply.

If you are firing solutions, before hearing the whole situation, or providing simplistic solutions, you are NOT trying to fix it, you are trying to get this over with.

Continuing to say, that because we expect an adult human being, to understand a situation before firing out solutions; our objective is just to talk about it, is incorrect and misleading for both genders.

So guys, now that, that is clear, we are ready to hear your solutions!

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