What does abundance mean for you?

What would you like, to have abundantly of? Money? Time? Love? Adventures?

Have you tried to apply the Law of Attraction (LOA), but failed, or it failed, with the things, you wanted most?

Many people think they know how the LOA works,  just because they read the book, or watched the video “The Secret” once, a while ago. There is nothing wrong with “The Secret”. But unless you listen well, and go deeper, you will think, that all you need to do, is visualise what you want, and it will be magically be attracted to your life. Nothing important, or powerful, in life, is that simple, right? I am not saying, that the Law of Attraction is complex. On the contrary, it is very simple. But, believing that you can day-dream, and things will start to be pulled into your life, is magical thinking.

Like most things in life, after taking action, you need to review your action, and the results, and take corrective action. And then again, and again, until you get it just right. Not everything works for everyone, and for all situations; you may need to adapt your efforts, to your particular circumstances. This is where a Spiritual Coach can help. A Spiritual Coach can help you, see how to apply the law specifically for you and what you want to attract.

What the LOA Is Not

The Law of Attraction goes much deeper than that.

First of all, it is not something that works only when you decide to use it and is dormant the rest of the time. It is always there, working. You are always “attracting”, or rather in the process of shaping your life into being, through your vibration; whether you are aware of it, or not. The question is – are you, most of the time, choosing thoughts and feelings, that help you attract more of what you want or more of what you do not want?

Secondly, making a wish and visualising it, is not everything. In fact, for some, not even necessary. You do not need, to state or write, your wish. Life automatically makes you prefer one thing over another. The desire is there, whether you state it or not.

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Micromanaging your visualisations, and doing them only “to attract” something in your life, rather than enjoying it; or worse, resenting not having it, while you visualise; will do more harm than good. In fact, Abraham Hicks states, that you should visualise only when you are inspired to do so, rather than as an action towards attracting something in your life. Meaning that the inspiration to visualise, is part of the manifestation.

What is most important, is your thoughts and feelings throughout the day, and the beliefs you hold about the matter. Especially crucial are the limiting core beliefs, we hold about ourselves. Again a Spiritual Coach will help you identify these, and reframe them into more empowering beliefs.

As you can imagine, changing your expectations, thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs, would already transform your life around. You would approach life and challenges completely differently.

Thirdly, holding a strong, almost desperate desire may sometimes quicken the manifestation, but more often than not, it will have disastrous effects. At best it would hold back what you want, but at worst, it will attract it into your life, but it would bring more sorrow than joy.

Fourth, the law of attraction is not magic. There is a perfectly logical explanation of how it works – see the next section.

For the Skeptics

Many of the critics of the law, also, have simply read The Secret, or just heard it from someone, who ultimately is not an expert. It is no wonder, that a logical person would think, that making a wish and that this means your desire will start moving towards you, is irrational and magical thinking.

But that’s not how the law works.

Let’s go through an example. My nephew started looking for his first car and was particularly interested in a certain model. Now, all of a sudden, he started seeing this car model, everywhere he went.

Do you think these cars automatically materialised, because my nephew wished one?

Had their drivers been magically forced to drive towards him, just because he was visualising himself owning and driving one?

No, of course not!!

There is a logical explanation behind it

As some of you know, our minds cannot deal with all the data and input, it receives, at any one time– all sounds, things, people and events surrounding us, all that we read or listen to, and more. A system in our brain, known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS) deletes, distorts and generalises incoming data, to make it easier for us to absorb and deal with the information. What determines what goes through the RAS, and how it is processed, is our sense of identity, our values, our strong beliefs, needs and our automatic responses coming from our upbringing and social conditioning.

So ultimately, what makes it through to our conscious awareness, depends on all this.

In the example before, now that my nephew had narrowed down his desire to a particular car, this model went through the RAS more easily, than other models.

Let’s take this further. Let us imagine you have some garden furniture to put together. And let us assume, that you believe you always mess things up; expect it to be difficult; you are acutely aware that you have to do it on your own, and you are inexperienced.

The first difficulty you encounter, will confirm and emphasise your beliefs. This will make you feel worse about yourself, and the task at hand; making it more likely to do more mistakes, or miss an important step. Eventually, you will give up, or actually make a fatal mistake.

Another, equally inexperienced person, has the same task. However he finds challenges exciting; believes that he gets things right, most of the time; expects it to be challenging, but also knows he will manage, and is looking forward to when the family returns home, and sees it done, and starts using it.

When he encounters a difficulty it will be just that, a little difficulty. He will find satisfaction in every step completed well, and his confidence in completing the project grows and grows.

What made things medmdifferent here, since they were equally inexperienced?

Spiritual Coaching

There are many fun tools and exercises, to start changing your thoughts feelings, in a way to We will go through these tools, to see what works for you and what does not.

Contact me here, to explore how you can better apply the Law of Attraction (LOA), and manifest your desires.