P. L. (Malta)

I was feeling insecure, and in need of a boost in my self-esteem. I decided I no longer wanted to feel like this.

I needed someone who could really understand me, having gone through similar situations. Also I know that the coach has done, and does an immense amount of research and studies out these issues. She knows what she is talking about.

From the beginning, I started to see an improvement and feel stronger. I felt more power over my decisions and felt more self-respect.

The method and planning she carries out also helps to have goals for each session. This way I am more motivated. Every time we meet I feel power and positivity.

I am also getting others to respect my needs as well.

And therefore, I would recommend this to anyone who feels undermined, insecure, inferior, or confused about their goals in life. They would surely get the assistance needed and the perfect push to reach his goals.

I should have done this before… like 30 years ago! Need I say more?


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