Arrow in heart drawn on the sand

Some thankfully will never know the atrocious pain of a break-up. An hour feels like a week. The pain is deep and real, and time goes ever so slowly. When people tell you “Time heals everything”. they do not understand that it is exactly time that is scaring you at the moment.

In fact sometimes time on its own does nothing. If you do not nothing to process your pain or you keep looking back, the wound may never heal. Other times it might just be covered up.

However there are things one can do to ease the pain and make the process as short as possible. It’s still NOT a quick fix. But I can assure you you will come out on the other side stronger and better.

We are not attracted to the opposite of ourselves.

We are attracted to that which is within us, but not developed sufficiently and/or repressed.

Therefore one way of detaching from, or getting over someone, is to find creative ways to develop that quality within us.

Some people obviously come to me, or even google, on how, to get their ex back. And yes these methods sometimes work, most of the time however, they end up in even more heartache.

But you know what? Detaching and moving on, is the best thing you can do to get your ex back, and if they do not come back, then you will at least be already on the path of healing. Detaching is not simply making it look like you are detaching on social media. Detaching is energetic – it means that your ex no longer takes up most of your mental bandwidth.

Sometimes a break-up, can actually be a good thing, especially if the relationship had become hurtful, or worse toxic. Sometimes we would have stayed in the relationship because we were afraid to be alone. Although it is hard to swallow the pill, we have to accept that the break-up was inevitable and see it as an opportunity to recreate ourselves, and make ourselves whole again.

If the relationship was toxic or unbalanced, the abused partner may need to work on rebuilding their self-esteem. If there is a pattern of toxic relationships, a really bad the break-up may be an opportunity to finally break this pattern.

Break-Up Coaching helps you go through this difficult time and come out of it, stronger and better; or if there is the opportunity, to recuperate the relationship to do just that.

Toxic Relationship Coaching and Break-Up Coaching can take place online or face-to face. Contact me here, for further information.